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Why Us

We are known in the market to be one of the leading manufacturers of Passenger Elevators, Hospital Elevators, Good Elevators, Car Elevators, Home Elevators, Construction Elevator, Dumb Elevators, Capsule Elevators, Auto door Elevators, Automobile Elevators, Hydraulic Elevators, Commercial Escalators, Office Escalators, Electronic Escalators, Passenger Conveyor Escalators, Shopping mall Escalators, Car Parking System, New Lift Installation, Lift Modernization, Lift Repairs and AMC. In the 10 years of our operations we have managed to gain a good will in the market for the quality products we supply. All the products provided by us are manufactured using quality raw materials and several advanced machinery. Further we process the products through a number of quality tests, in order to ensure the standard of the products that we provide.

Reasons why we are considered 1st choice in Lift are:

  1. Flexible Payment Mode and Customize Lift Solution
  2. Innovative and energy-efficient products designed to meet customers’ individual requirements High-Tech and Innovative Infrastructural Facility
  3. High Technology enabled Operation & Support (IT systems, ERP and Logistics, etc.)
  4. Working environment of high standards with safety rules
  5. 50+ Qualified Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and having more than 20 years’ experience.
  1. Continuous employee training, highly skilled production staff and technicians
  2. More than 10 years of experience and knowledge of the Industry, Entrepreneurship, Teamwork.
  3. Option of providing the customer with the Complete Lift package
  4. Customized Approach for the Design, Research, Documentation and Manufacturing of Lifts
  5. We have own Installation Team with 150+ Employees for New Erection, and thus allow us to quality work and timely deliver.

If you have any questions about any product, please contact technical support by calling +91 93 20021995/ 93 21121996 or you can reach us by info@vrselevators.com anytime.