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Technologies Used

We at VRSEPL ensure that World Class Technology is available with us for better performance of our products. We source in technology from various parts of the world to make sure that we stay ahead of competition. This technology also helps us serve you better.

Each Component of the Elevator is important to provide you a reliable product. Hence we choose best and latest components considering various aspects.

In this Technology Section we will explain you some of our key technologies, this will help you make informed decision for selecting the right product.

Elevator Machine

VRS Elevator Machine

To match with the needs of our customers in the most reliable manner, we have been indulged in offering a vast collection of Elevator Controller to our patrons.I.e. Gearless Traction Machine, Gearless Traction Belt Machine, Geared Traction Machine, Hydraulic Units, etc.

Control System

VRS Control System

Offering a good quality assortment of Remote Monitoring System, Regenerative Drive, VVVF Drive, The Full Collective Control System, Down Collective system, Duplex System, Group Control System, Access Control system, direct landing System and many more. We have adopted stringent quality testing measures, policies and standards following which, we have been able to ensure the shipment of best assortment at client place.

Reliability and Comfort

Reliability and Comfort

We can modernize any make or model of equipment with the very latest in technology to provide greater reliability, comfort, efficiency, code compliance, and safety for your elevators. Our effective product ranges are Blue Belt (PU Coated Steel Belt), Roller Guide Shoe, Infra-Red Safety Sensors for Power Operated Doors, Air Conditioning Unit etc.

If you have any questions about any product, please contact technical support by calling +91 93 20021995/ 93 21121996 or you can reach us by anytime.