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At VRSEPL (VRS Elevators Pvt. Ltd.), we constantly strive for building strong relationship with our customers by providing them best quality services and achieving zero accidents by improving our services and products. We along with our excellent team of professionals have successfully met the client’s demand within deadlines. Our solutions assist users by providing them various solutions of lifts and escalators like capsule elevator, car elevator, goods elevators. The various projects that VRSEPL (VRS Elevators Pvt. Ltd.) has completed successfully up till now are Asian Heart Hospital, Shushrusha Hospital, R N A heights, Wallace tower, ESIC Marol etc. We analyze the needs and demands of the customer and provide them a smart way to fulfill them.

Check our Projects

  • Chatrapathi-Shivaji-international-airport-mumbai-project.jpg
    Chhatrapathi Shivaji International Airport
  • Reliance Infrastructure Ltd
    Reliance Infrastructure
  • Relaince Media Studio
    Relaince Media Studio
  • Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation
    Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation
  • Vijay Sales
    Vijay Sales
  • Asian Heart Hospital VRS Elevators Project
    Asian Heart Hospital
  • ESIC Marol VRS Elevator Project
    ESIC Marol
  • Hotel Shantodoot VRS Elevators Project
    Hotel Shantodoot
  • Ravi Kiran CHS VRS Elevators Project
    Ravi Kiran CHS
  • RNA Heights VRS Project
    RNA Heights
  • Sai Prasad CHS VRS Elevator Project
    Sai Prasad CHS
  • Shushrusha Hospital VRS Project
    Shushrusha Hospital
  • Wallace Tower VRS Elevator Project
    Wallace Tower
  • Crystal Shoppers & Paradise Mall, Bandra
    Crystal Shoppers & Paradise Mall

Some of our esteemed clients:

  1. Gopalkrishna C H S
  2. Pramukh Apartment
  3. Shakar Niwas
  4. Shushrusha Hospital (No-1,2)
  5. Hotel Shantidoot
  6. R N A Hights B Wing L#1L#2
  7. Jyoti Wire
  8. Ravi Kiran Chs
  9. Vijay Sales
  10. Crystal Shoppers & Paradise Mall
  1. Nachiketa Chs
  2. Saiprasad C H S
  3. Ghanshyam Niwas
  4. Om Buddhi C H S
  5. Wallace Tower
  6. Rajvi C H S L#1L#2
  7. SuperShiva C H S
  8. Kivi Coating CHS (Mehata House)
  9. Reliance Infrastructure Ltd
  10. Chhatrapathi Shivaji International Airport Mumbai
  1. Kanaya Apt
  2. Barada Place CHS
  3. Shree Narayan Niwas
  4. Villa Quinine A, B Wing
  5. Asian Heart Hospital
  6. Twamev Bunglow
  7. ESIC Marol
  8. Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation
  9. Reliance Media Studio

If you have any questions about any product, please contact technical support by calling +91 93 20021995/ 93 21121996 or you can reach us by anytime.