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Elevator Control System

Elevator control system is the system responsible for coordinating all aspects of elevator service such as travel, speed, and accelerating, decelerating, door opening speed and delay, leveling and hall lantern signals. It accepts inputs (e.g. button signals) and produces outputs (elevator cars moving, doors opening etc.).

The special features of control system are:
  • Reduce User frustration
  • Solid state technology
  • Minimum breakdown
  • Low power consumption
  • Low noise level
  • Reduce jerk
  • User friendly
ARD Panels:

The Smart Rescue relates to a new concept and design and operates the elevator controller at rated voltage to perform the evacuation operation. In the emergent rescue, the Elevator is powered by storage battery and the energy stored in the battery is reversed. In the event of power failure, the rescue device will activate within the predetermined “response time”.

Control Panels:

We have provided our clients the variety of control panels for different machines and equipments. The range can also be customized as per the requirement of the client.


With our excellent team of expertise, we are able to provide our customers the variety of quality elevators like Gearless Traction Machine, Gearless Traction Belt Machine, Geared Traction Machine, Hydraulic units to our clients. The machines are manufactured using the latest quality components and technology.

Gearless Traction Machine is typically operated at speeds greater than 500 feet per minute (2.54 meters per second). In this machine, woven steel cables called hoisting ropes are attached to the top of the elevator car and wrapped around the drive sheave in special grooves. The other ends of the cables are attached to a counterweight that moves up and down in the hoist way on its own guiderails.

Gearless Traction Belt Machines are the modification of Gearless machines with crowned pulleys for using Belts instead of traditional wire rope. This Machine has all the advantages of the Gearless Machines and along with it adapts the latest technology of using PU coated Steel belts instead of Conventional Wire Ropes.

Geared Traction Machine use AC induction Motor and Worm Wheel Reduction Gear Box. These Machines are made for Long life and durability. The High Quality Lubricant is used to increase the Life of the Machine.

Hydraulic units We provide a world class quality and reliability providing Hydraulic units. It consumes power only during the up direction of the elevator. During travelling down it almost uses zero power. All Hydraulic units have manual lowering feature as well as manual raising feature that help to rescue passengers in case of power supply failure.

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