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Goods Elevators

We offer a variety of Goods Lifts, A Freight Elevator, or Goods Elevators that includes Hydraulic Goods Lifts, Hydraulic Drum lifts, Machine Lifters and Hydraulic Pallet Trucks which has been designed to carry goods, rather than passengers.

Goods Elevator Maintenance in Mumbai

Our Goods Elevator is essentially designed so as to fulfill material handling requirement of Industry, Building, Hotel, Car workshop etc. for a properly engineered installation, the choice of freight elevator requires consideration of such factors as volume and weight of material to be transported and the method of handling like manual or trolley driven. Today freight elevator is back bone of any modern industry and is able to find its place in Pharmaceutical, Telecom, components manufacturer, Garment, Construction and Hospitality, IT etc.

Goods Elevator Installation in Mumbai

We are among the prominent names involved in the manufacture and supply of the high quality of Freight Lifts and Freight Elevators. Our range is precision engineered to meet freight handling requirements of our valuable clients. We are one of the top manufacturersof freight elevators in India, known for our International quality, safety standards, high load-bearing capacity, durability, flexibility, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, we also customize our range as per the requirements of our esteemed clients.

Technical Features:

  1. Precision made geared traction machines used
  2. The VVVF Drive used in the Elevator Results in Smooth Start and Smooth Stop of the Elevator ensuring comfortable feeling. This drive also helps reduce power consumption upto30% and also increases the life of the Equipment.
  3. Flame Proofing and weather proofing for special application requirement
  1. Regenerative Drive
  2. The Down Collective Control Panel uses logic to collect the Passenger while travelling in the down direction thereby reducing power consumption and waiting time.
  3. Elevator is fitted with Flat Panel LED lights in the Cabin, Modern Push Buttons, Scrolling Dot Matrix Led indicator for Direction, Seven Segment Position Indicators.
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Goods Elevator Technical Data
Technical Specification
Goods Elevator Technical Table

If you have any questions about any product, please contact technical support by calling +91 93 20021995/ 93 21121996 or you can reach us by anytime.