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Key Person

Arunva Datta
Arunva Datta is the CMD of VRSEPL (VRS Elevators Pvt. Ltd.) and he has an excellent experience of working in the field of Elevator Company from last 10 years. He is responsible for providing customized solutions for home and car lifts for various projects. His devotion towards work made the VRSEPL (VRS Elevators Pvt. Ltd.) to achieve highest position in the market.

He is graduate and is skilled in working out different departments like Taxation, Accounts, Purchase and operation etc. He played a key role in elevator maintenance and operation. His valuable experiences of working in companies like citylift India LTD, helps the company to improve the elevator services.

Suresh Bhatt
Suresh Bhatt is the Technical Director of VRSEPL (VRS Elevators Pvt. Ltd.). Accomplished, result-oriented mechanical engineering professional with 34 years of distinguished experience entailing in managing entire onsite erection and commissioning, testing, quality control and safety elevators/escalators.

He has worked in City Elevators India as an Assistant General Manager and handled service contract renewal, service job check. He also worked under different departments like purchase and operation department. He worked in THYSSENKRUPP ELEVATOR INDIA PVT.LTD., MUMBAI as a DY. manager and was responsible for providing comprehensive technical support in managing erection and commissioning projects of escalators systems. He worked in SAUDI ELEVATOR CO.LTD. (SCHINDLER), SAUDI ARABIA as a service supervisor and successfully played a key role in elevator maintenance and operations. Later he joined SAUDI OGER LTD., SAUDI ARABIA, where he effectively managed entire gamut of operation, maintenance and service operations of the elevators. He started his career with BHARAT BIJLEE LTD., Mumbai as an Erector.

With the collective experience of the technologies, he helped the VRSEPL (VRS Elevators Pvt. Ltd.) to achieve the top position by providing the best services to the customer.

Rahul kadam
Rahul kadam is Diploma in Mechanical and he has a massive experience in the field of elevator as he is working in this field from last 20 years. He has also worked in ThyssenKrupp Elevator Ind Pvt Ltd. With his innovative ideas he has extended the boundaries of VRSEPL (VRS Elevators Pvt. Ltd.).

His experience of working in departments like engineering department, technical, sales, service, repair and maintenance departments has always kept the VRSEPL (VRS Elevators Pvt. Ltd.) at the top.

Mahesh Patel
Mahesh Patel is graduate. He is in the field of elevator for more than 5 years and with time his expertise got him to improve the services in VRSEPL and provide the best services to the customer.

He is also responsible for managing different departments like Purchase, operation, sales, accounts etc. And he also made an ease in vertical transportation by providing reliable and quality products to the customers. Hence he is responsible for the company to achieve the best.He has worked in citylift India LTD. His experience and dedication towards work helps the VRS elevators to grow up in the market.

Rajesh Jha
Rajesh Jha is a key person of the VRSEPL (VRS Elevators Pvt. Ltd.). He has an excellent experience of working in ThyssenKrupp Elevator India Pvt. Ltd. and Johnson lift and Escalators.
He is in the field of elevators from last 10 years and has worked in erection department as well. His efforts and dedication towards work made the company to achieve the customer satisfaction.

Vishwash Karbale
Vishwash Karbale is a commerce graduate. He has an experience of working in Citylift Company. He is entrusted with the responsibility of providing comprehensive customer support by offering different services like repair, modernization of lift to the customer in VRSEPL (VRS Elevators Pvt. Ltd.).
He is also actively involved in providing quality and safety standards by handling customer’s demands and providing them the best solutions.

Gopal J Tayade
Gopal J Tayade is a commerce graduate and is responsible for managing the sales in VRSEPL (VRS Elevators Pvt. Ltd.). He is involved in providing best solutions to the customer at a minimum cost. His devotion towards work helps the company to achieve trust of customer and 100% customer satisfaction.

If you have any questions about any product, please contact technical support by calling +91 93 20021995/ 93 21121996 or you can reach us by anytime.